With over 30,000 paid app downloads and an average rating of 4.6 stars in the Microsoft Store we pride ourselves on developing and supporting the best Portable Document Format (PDF) manipulation tools and utilities for Microsoft Windows.

Our range of apps provide a variety of both simple, time saving and advanced functionality. If you want to extract one or more PDF pages to a new PDF or images then PDF Split provides a simple and elegant solution; if you need to merge multiple PDF and / or Microsoft Office documents into a new PDF then PDF Joiner | PDF Binder Basic can do this with ease. PDF MarkUp provides annotation and mark up functionality to write, draw, type and highlight on your PDF pages. PDF Binder, PDF Binder Standard & PDF Binder Pro provide all of the functionality of PDF Split & PDF Joiner | PDF Binder Basic plus page ordering, deletion, rotation and bookmarks with page annotation and mark up available on our flagship product, PDF Binder Pro

Microsoft Office Support

PDF Joiner | PDF Binder Basic, PDF Binder | PDF Binder Standard & PDF Binder Pro now support Microsoft Office documents so you can include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and text files within your projects allowing you to merge many different document types into a new PDF ready for manipulation within the app.

Data Protection and Security

Unlike many other app providers, we NEVER transfer your documents to the web for processing. All of your documents are processed directly on your own device so you can even continue working without an internet connection! Not only do we provide peace of mind that your documents are never transferred you can also password protect your documents as well as opening protected documents with our apps.

Not sure which app is best for you?

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